Name: 25€ Donation
Price: 25.00 EUR

Skip the queue for 3 months + Cosmetic Coins

We will always try our best to make you join the server as fast as we can!

Your other rewards:

  • /hat command (set the item you are holding as your helmet)
  • /sort command (toggle automatic chest sorting)
  • /isort or /isort toggle command (to sort or toggle automatic sorting of your inventory)
  • /autotool command (to toggle automatic tool switching)
  • /autorefill command (to toggle automatic hotbar block refilling)
  • «Donor» chat tag, super cool!
  • Longer death chest despawn time
  • Unlocks/motd submit (do /motd for more info)
  • 36.000 in-game cosmetic coins, to use in the /cosmetics menu

Cosmetics items that you buy with coins have a 3 months expiration time.

Other rewards will last 3 months (hat, donor tag, skip queue)!

Donate again to accumulate time and coins.