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You will help us pay expensive server bills.

Keeping up a server like the one PVC is hosted on is pricy, and requires time and effort in addition to money.

Every donation will be appreciated ❤️

More info and help about donations on Discord > Donations Info:


Please read the terms of service before donating

At least the part about refunds. Asking for refund is severely prohibited and will result in a ban from our systems. 

In that scenario we will provide PayPal the terms of service that you have accepted together with evidence of the received goods and so we will win the charge-back request.

Your IP address and Minecraft username will also be reported to a global blacklist, and you will loose access to the donation system of many Minecraft servers.


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Status of the Server

WHEN WRITING YOUR NICKNAME PLEASE INCLUDE ALSO THE * (STAR SYMBOL) BEFORE YOUR NICKNAME, LOOK AT YOUR NAME IN THE GAME CHAT If you are a Pocket Edition / Bedrock player you might encounter some compatibility issues with some cosmetic features: for example we have to manually set cosmetic items for you.