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Welcome, Friend!

Thanks a bunch for dropping by our store! Your support means the world to Peaceful Vanilla Club. Running this Minecraft haven isn't a walk in the park, and your contribution helps us keep it awesome. 
Your support covers essential stuff like keeping the lights on and making sure everything runs smoothly. So, thanks a million for being part of our journey.
Check out the store, pick what feels right for you, and let's make Peaceful Vanilla Club even more amazing together!

Payment methods

  1. PayPal (15% more fees)
  2. Cryptocurrencies (pay with BTC, USDT or USDC)

⚠ Cryptocurrencies are the preferred method of payment. Read our guide:


Bedrock Edition warning (don't forget the . please!)

⚠ If you play from Bedrock Edition, your nickname starts with . and you have to remember that when donating!

Bedrock Edition support is not a native Mojang feature. It's quite buggy indeed. Some cosmetic items might not correctly work as intended or display as intended in-game. Please don't blame us for this.

Please read the terms of service before donating (refund policy)

Asking for refund is not allowed and is severely prohibited!

Asking for a refund will result in a permanent ban from our community, and possibly also a rollback of all of your actions on the server. 

Your IP address and Minecraft UUID will also be reported to a global blacklist, making sure that you will be banned from donating to other servers too!

Being a donor doesn't make you immune to bans and punishments!

In fact over the years we have banned a lot of people that donated to the server and then violated the rules in various ways, being toxic elements for our community. We don't regret doing it. Everyone has to read the rules. Everyone.

EULA Compliancy

  1. When donating you can pick some donation packages. Those represent our appreciation for your generous action! Each donation package contains various rewards, but none of those are pay-to-win!;
  2. The donor rank can be obtained in-game too, by acquiring an in-game donor voucher;
  3. The main perk of the donor rank is the ability to skip the queue: this can be done additionally also by acquiring an in-gam skip-the-line ticket at spawn shops (another way of doing the same thing);
  4. Cosmetics and other donor perks are given away at server events to which all players can take part;
  5. Shopkeepers sponsor tokens can be acquired in-game and are given away at server events;
  6. Sponsor banners only allow in-game activities, players and builds to be featured — no brands, product placement or other can appear in one of our sponsor banners;
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